BWA World Cup Events

November 1986 marked the first BWA World Cup tournament. The organization's mission was to promote the game through wonderful tournaments featuring the very best players in the world, all the while working with the press and sponsors to keep billiards in the public eye. The BWA was successful in building much of what we know of billiards today. Unfortunately, petty politics stemming from the Union Mondial de Billar (UMB) consumed a large amount of money over several years throughout the 1990s making it very difficult for the BWA to realize its long term plans. Today, the BWA still exists but is going through a reorganization, leaving the UMB as the only global governing body of billiards. Since the fall of the BWA, prize money is at a twenty year low, and not more than a handful of professional players can make a living at the game.

BWA Champions by Year
1986- Raymond Ceulemans
1987- Raymond Ceulemans
1988- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1989- Ludo Dielis
1990- Raymond Ceulemans
1991- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1992- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1993- Sang Lee
1994- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1995- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1996- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1997- Dick Jaspers
1998- Torbjorn Blomdahl
1999- Dick Jaspers
Tournament Locations
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Austria: Velden
Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Lokeren, Spa
Colombia: Bogota
France: Orleans, Paris
Germany: Backnang, Berlin, Halle, Saarbrucken
Greece: Athens, Corfu
Italy: Bolzano
Japan: Tokyo, Yokohama
Monaco: Monte Carlo

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Grand Avg/Season
1993- 1.223
1994- 1.273
1995- ?
1996- ?
1997- ?
1998- ?
1999- 1.274
2000- 1.381 © Copyright 2004, Deno J. Andrews