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These pages are filled with billiard-related artifacts. The Custom Pool & Billiard Cues and Cases category is robust and shows a nice cross-section of collectible cue sticks both new and old. There, works from such great artisans like Joel Hercek, Herman Rambow, George Balabushka, Burton Spain, Gus Szamboti, Barry Szamboti, and others are proudly displayed. There is also an extensive bibliography of billiards related books dating back to the Baroque Period. Books by Willie Hoppe and Raymond Ceulemans, the two greatest billiardists in the history of the sport, are also documented.

Please Choose from the Following Catergories:

Pool Cues, Billiard Cues, and Cue Stick Cases- Important Works- old & new. 

Billiard-Themed Advertising- See how billiards has been used in ads throughout time. 

Fine Art Works of Billiards- Van Gogh and other masters articulate the game. 

Antiquarian Billiard Books- Extensive bibliography of books on billiards. 

Billiard-Related Tobacco Cards- Old baseball-like cards for billiard enthusiasts. 

Tournament Artifacts & Memorabilia- Tournament collectibles. 

Billiard Player Specific Collectibles- Some pictures- under construction. 

Billiard Post Cards- A very fun visit. 

Newspapers Clippings & Articles- Searchable database under construction. 

Billiard Correspondence & Documents

Billiard Tokens

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Web is the world leader in billiards history, and professional billiards. On this site you will find a multitude of information regarding 3-cushion billiards, carambola, carombolage, billares, straight-rail billiards. This site contains an extensive collection of billiard artifacts, documents, and accessories such as custom cue sticks by such famous artists as Joel Hercek, Burton Spain, George Balabushka, David Kersenbrock, Szamboti, Herman Rambow, Cognoscenti, and many more. Also there are tournament charts, results, statistics, stories, and pictures from historic billiard events and current events. Learn about players such as Torbjorn Blomdahl, Sang Lee, Dick Jaspers, Raymond Ceulemans, Roberto Rojas, Semih Sayginer, Frederic Caudron, and more. © Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, Deno J. Andrews