Billiard Advertising- Liquor

Here are some liquor advertisements featuring billiards imagery. These advertisements come from the Deno Andrews Collection. Thanks to J. Michael Young for allowing the use of some of his scans thus saving countless hours of scanning and processing. Check back soon for more liquor advertisements.


Frank Fehr Brewing Company, Louisville, KY 1914


Paul Jones Whiskey, 1935 (Sits under glass on Deno's Desk)


Teacher's Scotch Whisky, 1939.


Calvert Reserve, 1941.


Kentucky Tavern, 1944


Gold Bond, 1947


Johnnie Walker, 1951


Miller High Life, 1964


Imperial, 1968.


J&B, 1973


Black and White Scotch, year unknown (email if you know)


Seagram's Seven Crown, 1987


Cuervo, 1988. Featuring Kirstie Ally


Beck's, 2002.


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