Billiard Advertising- Tobacco

Thanks to J. Michael Young for allowing the use of his scans on this page. Check back soon for more tobacco ads.


Tuxedo, 1914. Featuring Willie Hoppe

Lucky Strike, 1914.


Bull Durham, 1915.


Judge, 1915.



Pall Mall, 1916.


Lucky Strike, 1928.


De Reszke, 1928.


Dill's Best, 1930.


Ibis, Shag, year unknown.


Camel, 1933. Featuring Eric Hagenlacher. (Under glass on Deno's desk)


Spud Menthol-Cooled Cigarettes, 1932.


Camel, 1938. Featuring Ralph Greenleaf.


Camel, 1949. Featuring Willie Hoppe and Willie Mosconi. (under glass on Deno's desk)


Bar One, 1952.


Benson & Hedges, 1957.


Gilbert Papers, 1958.


Murad Cigarettes, year unknown.


Marlboro, 2002.


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