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Ed Young Custom Cue Sticks

Ed Young's work is some of the most sought after in the world today. He works with legendary cue maker David Kersenbrock. Young's output is very limited and averages only 10-20 cues annually.It is not uncommon for a customer to wait years on Young's waitlist before being able to place a cue order. Young is known for very high quality craftsmanship and materials, and he is meticulously attentive to detail.

The two cues pictured here should really only be one cue. When the original cue stick was ordered several years ago (curly maple), it was discussed that Young and Kersenbrock were developing a new taper. He said that they were really excited about the new taper and that this cue would be the first of its kind utilizing the taper once the research was completed. Years later, in early 2006, Young called and said that the birdseye cue stick was finished! The only problem was that the order called for curly maple and not birdseye. Young was instructed to make the curly cue per the original order. Now, the two cues make a nice matching pair. The birdseye cue weighs 18.2oz and has two 13mm shafts. The curly maple cue weighs 17.8oz and has two 12.8mm shafts. They are both very nicely figured solid pieces of maple and they are unchalked. These are the first two cues to utilize the new Kersenbrock/Young taper.

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