Mike Lambros- Ultra Joint

In the early 1990s I met Mike Lambros in the basement of my friend's house. We were playing billiards on his Verhoeven. Mike wanted me to check out his new design for a billiard cue and handed me the best playing cue I have ever touched. In just a few shots I knew that I had to have one, so he gave me the cue and I used it for a while in tournaments. It was the first billiard cue he ever made with the Ultra Joint and one of the only ones made at that time. After a while, he wanted the cue back for a Patent hearing and made me a replacement. The cue below is the replacement and is the second best hitting cue I have ever played with. This cue has been all over the place and used in at least 50 tournaments in five or six different countries, including the 1997 Pan-American Championships, where I re-learned just how difficult billiards was at the competitive level. I plan to have the original back one day, that is, as soon as I can sneak it off Mike's wall at his shop.

This particular cue has maple for the base and handle, with figured cocobolo points. The Ultra Joint really makes a nice tight connection and the cue hits like a one piece cue...but a good one! Going back to the tournament in 1997, despite not winning a single set, I made it to the front page of Panama City's major newspaper (pictured below the cue). The translation is sort of cute if you know Spanish. It basically says I'm the young one on the left, and that my head was handed to be by the Colombian player two games to one. The Ultra Joint is unique because the joint is a modified piloted joint, but the butt section is concave (which you can't see in the pictures) while the shaft section is convex. This extra surface area is nice and the cue goes together nicely and stays together, sometimes taking an extra set of hands to loosen the cue. The points are beautiful and are very dark, so they don't really translate well in photographs.

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