Murray Tucker Custom Pool Cue- Unique 16 Point Design

Murray Tucker is a cuemaker out of Florida. His annual output is limited to just a handful of cues because cue making is not his primary means of employment. This example of his work is a one-of-a-kind Ebony on Ebony cue with 16 points (8 High, 8 Low). He made this cue in 2002, and it was the first time that he made a cue stick that was Ebony on Ebony. Also, this cue features a 3/8"-10 piloted joint, whcih is very rare on his cues, or other cues. Each of the 16 poitns has three veneers, colored blue-purple-maple. The butt section is also ebony with eight ebony points, fourhigh and four low with the same veneer colors. The wrap is an exotic skin of a Ring Tail Lizard and it is the first cue on which Tucker put a lizard wrap. There is decorative ringwork at ABCDE (Blue-Purple-Blue) that match the veneers sans the maple. The butt cap and joint are both ivory, along with the ferrules. The weight is 19 oz. There are two 13mm shafts- one of them has a slight warp (not major) and the other is dead straight. Tucker reported about this cue that he was using lacquer back then to finish the cues. He calls the cue "big pimpin." The other unique trait of this cue is its overlaped veneers, whereas now Tucker miters the point veneers. Tucker only did a handfull of cues with veneers like that before he learned how to do mitered veneers. The cue is in 95% condition and looks exotic. The cue hits really well, similar to the hit of a Kersenbrock. The cue is all original.

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