PFD Studios - Paul Drexler Cues

Paul Drexler Custom Cue 2004-

I ordered this cue from Paul after seeing a similar cue being used by George Fels at Chris's Billiards. Having made cues for two different cue makers in the past, I found the two-way point splice to be very refreshing and imaginative. Being a carom player, I wanted to have the butterflys, or flames as we call them, between the points.

The cue's base wood is spalted maple. The spliced points have four veneers- black, maple, blue, purple, and the points themselves are ivory along with everything else on the cue that is white. Originally the wood between the points by design was to be ivory, but I decided that it would look too white being all ivory both in and out of the points. So I asked Paul to place wood there instead and I believe it looks much better than had it been ivory.

The cue has a radial pin joint, ivory ferrules, Moori tips, and two shafts. The cue was delivered inside a Whitten case. The cue was delivered on the day it was promised, for the price quoted, and Paul communicated well throughout the cue making process. I would encourage anyone thinking about doing business with Paul to do so. He is a cue maker that combines both craftsmanship and artistic understanding in his works, which I believe to be quite rare these days.

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