PFD Studios - Paul Drexler Cues

Paul Drexler Custom Titlist Conversion Cue 2005-

(From PFD Cues Web Site)-"Paul Drexler began making cues in 1989 as a result of his desire to own a very special cue. He is proud of his cues for their integration of sound construction techniques and unique designs, featuring exotic materials. The keys to a good-hitting cue, according to Paul, are solid construction, high-grade materials, and attention to detail. Paul's grandfather, a master cabinet maker from Holland, taught him the fine art of woodworking."

I was talking to Paul one day about Titlist conversion cues. While the concept of taking these cues and turning them into something contemporary is cool, in my opinion few cue makers really do them justice. Paul told me that he would make me a cool conversion cue and it would be like nothing else I have ever seen before. I said "yeah right." He assured me that I have never seen what he was going to do, so I said ok. He took an old Titlist and cut out the original handle wood, and had to chisel out the wood by the veneers by hand, and replaced it with highly figured cocobolo wood. Let me know how you think he did with the conversion. When I saw the cue this morning, I thought to myself that he was right...I had never seen anything like it. I think it makes a nice addition to my collection.

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