Purple Heart Cognoscenti

Joe Gold began making cues in the early 1990s. His shop was a humble shop consisting of minor, but good equipment. Joe's cues today utilize CNC technology to cut pockets and parts for intricate inlays, although the actual inlay process is done by hand, by Joe himself. Before CNC, Joe had a pantagraph machine which is like an overhead pin router with a tracing capability where a scribe can follow a design cut out of metal or wood and replicate that design to scale on the cue stick. It is a slow and tedious process to prepare cues this way to be inlaid. However, before being known for his superior inlay work, Joe mastered the plain cue that was designed for its playing capability and simple elegance. The screw Joe chose to hold the shaft and the butt together is a space age material called G-10, which is a glass and epoxy resin. In its application in his cues, G10 is much lighter than steel, but just as strong in cue joints. Joe was an advanced pool player when he got started and took his knowledge as a player and used it when designing his cues. Joe is directly influenced by Craig Peterson, who made several cues for Joe throughout the years.

Considering Joe's notoriety as in inlay artist, his plain cues are few and far between. This particular cue is a wrapless Purple Heart cue, with highly figured Curly Maple as the handle wood. This cue was an early cue of Joe's evidenced by the wood rings rather than his typical 30 silver piece rings. The bottom right picture is most accurate with regard to the color of the purpleheart. The pictures do the curly maple in the cue no justice at all. In person, the maple has a great three-dimensional look to it.

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