South West Cue Company

The late Jerry Franklin, along with the help of David Kersenbrock, started the South West Cue Company. Their cues quickly became known as cues for the serious player. Today, many accomplishedl and amateur players use a South West Cue, although they are nearly impossible to acquire because of their high demand by collectors, and a six year waiting list for new cues. It is not uncommon for new cues to be delivered and immediately sold on the secondary market for more than the retail price of the cue. This reason alone proves the commitment of South West Cue Company, under the guidance of Laurie Franlkin, to the player. The fact that Laurie keeps the retail price of their cues afforadble to the common player, despite having the ability to raise prices to collector levels, is a testament to her dedication to the mission of South West Cues.

As a result of skyrocketing demand for South West Cues, they decided to launch a cue with a satin finish rather than the hard polished finish found on most South Wests. This satin finish is an oil which is applied to the cue, which allows less time in the finishing process. Also, the ring work in these cues were not as decorative. Despite less decoration and a hard finish, these cues were still made to the South West standards. Today they are sought after by players and collectors. Most of the satin cues came with the well known South West joint pin, but without the trademark cactus engraved into the pin. This particular cue happens to be from a single batch of satin cues made with the cactus engraved pin, making it a very rare South West collectible. Laurie Franklin told me by phone that there were only a few of these cues made with the cactus joint pin, and that I was lucky to have acquired it. Unfortuntaly, when I did acquire it, all of the finish had been worn off and the cue very well used shoing chalk stains all the way to the wrap of the cue. This cue became one of the only cues in my collection to be restored as I am mostly against the practice of negotiating the originality of collectible cues. Luckily Sout West is still active and able to restore their own works. They did a fabulous job restoring this cue and used the same finish as originally was on the cue. While they had the cue, I ordered another shaft, so the cue now has two.

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