Burton Spain Unfinished Butterfly Blank

I was fortunate to have been the receiver of this very special gift. This blank was made by none other than the blank maker himself, Burton Spain. I had met Mr. Spain on several occasions and was even lucky enough to see the inside of his shop and his storage garage.

Butterfly splices are rarely seen on Mr. Spain's cues, although, it is sort of the precursor of what was to come. Note the nice straight-grained maple front, and the simple clean lines that Mr. Spain was famous for making. I am especially amazed at how sharp the veneers are as they usually chatter a bit under the blade at the tips of the flames. Spain knew what he was doing, and I can't decide whether I like having the blank instead of seeing the final product with finish on it. The age in unknown.

Please drop me an email and let me know what you think of this cue, if you like.

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