Willie Hoppe 's Personal Rambow Cue

Herman Rambow Cue Stick, c.late 1940s. Cue made for and used for a short time by Willie Hoppe. Cue stick was given to George Pentaris in the mid 1950s. Pentaris was an upcoming and soon to be world class 3 cushion player out of Chicago. He was also close friends with Willie Hoppe and helped him in organizing exhibitions around the midwest. Pentaris was also Hoppe's host in Chicago for many visits to the Pentaris home. Pentaris later was a Pall Bearer at Hoppe's funeral. Pentaris carried the cue's tradition and played with it for several years and eventually used it to tie for second place in the 1969 World Championship before retiring from the game. The cue is all original with the exception of the cue tips and a couple ferrules, and has four shafts (not shown).


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