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French Trade Card, Cards like these were used to advertise a business. On the back side of this card is a list of products offered by the business being advertised here. As these were not really heavily collected until recently, coupled with the fact that these items were disposable, there are not many in existence in good condition like this example. This card is roughly 3"x5"

Postcards: Here are some examples of some of the more famous billiard related post cards. There are also several below. All of these cards are from the Andrews Collection. However, we must thank our friend J. Michael Young for allowing us to use images of postcards that he has already scanned, thus saving us countless hours of scanning the same postcards. Mr. Young is one of the country's foremost collectors of billiard related paper. Please visit his web site when you are finished.

More Postcards- The cards below are in a very roughly assembled in chronological order based either on the approximate date of the picture, or by the decor. For example, the picture could have been taken in 1940 but of a room that is an example of an early 1900 billiard room. There will be certain cards that seem out of place, but it seems like the most efficient way to list them.


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