Tournament Artifacts:

Autographs from the 1940 World Championship

Tournament Program 1940

Tournament Program 1953

World Tournament Program Cover 1979

World Tournament Program Cover 1980

World Tournament Program Cover 1981

Tour Poster- Sectionals & National, 1949

World Tournament Program- front and back, 1973

World Tournament Program Cover, 1966

Two Exhibition Posters, 1983-

Exhibition posters in English and Spanish promoting a match in 1983 between Juan Navarra and Carlos Hallon. Navarra was regarded as a billiard king in South America, and also represented the "old school" in this exhibition. The young Hallon, an Ecuadorian American was and still is a highly stylistic player of 3 cushion. The battle of young versus old finished in classic style with Hallon beating Navarra by only one point. This well known exhibition was organized and promoted partly by Abel Calderon, who is a well known billiard player and room owner in New York.


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