Collecting chalk is serious business for several collectors throughout the world. Some individual cubes of chalk have sold for amounts greater than $100. Those are few and far between and most collectible chalk is worth much less. Pictured below is a box of the much sought after Manhattan Club Billiard Chalk by Brunswick-Balke-Collender & Co. Full boxes of this chalk brand are very rare and are usually built by several random pieces of chalk until the box is filled. This box came out of a home from the original owner of the chalk. They never really played much, so this was the only box of chalk he ever had. Three pieces are not used and you can still see the circual marks on the top of the chalk from their initial machine shaping. Most pieces are somewhat to different degrees. Overall, the set is in excellent condition. Shown in the pciture below are the box top, the worst side of the cube and in one case it is the bottom, the logos facing forward, and the tops of the cubes.

Another popular Brunswick Chalk is Clik, which demands $250-$300 per box (cubes never used) like the ones below at auction. This brand name was popular in the middle of the 20th century.

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