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1940- Coverage of the 1940 World Championships in Chicago at bensinger's

Three Cushion Title Meet To Open Tomorrow, Chicago Tribune (great photos)
Watching the Master at Work, Chicago Daily News
Billiardistai Rengiasi 1940 Turnyrui; $20,000 Prizais, Lithuanian Daily News
Star Field In Cue Prize, Cochran Risks Title in Rich Tourney
Cochran defends 3-cushion title
Cochran Will Defend Crown; 11 Stars Play
Leprechauns, Schaefer Beat Mr. Hall, 50-29, Chicago Tribune
Chamaco, Hoppe, Bid For 3D Cue Wins In A Row
Willie Hoppe, Chamaco head cue tourney
Chamaco Takes Cue Lead, Herald American
Joe Chamaco Takes Lead In Cue Tourney, Chicago Daily News
Reiselt Trounces Layton
Reiselt Scores First Victory in Cue Meet
Reiselt trips Layton in billiard tournament
Chamaco and Hoppe Set Cue Pace, Herald American
Hoppe Gains Second Cue Victory Shows Best Beating Thurnblad
Jay Bozeman Swamps Art Rubin, 50 to 8
Bozeman Runs Over Rubin, 50 to 8, In Cue Meet
Bozeman holds best game mark in cue tourney
Bozeman Bids For 3 Striaght Cue Victories

Chamaco Rolls Along; Defeats Rubin 50-38, Columbia Mo. Tribune
Chamaco trips Rubin in Cue title tourney, Chicago Daily Times
Hoppe, Chamaco Lead Cue Play, Chicago Herald A.M. edition
Chamaco and Hoppe Lead in Cue Tourney, Chicago Daily Times
Schaefer Wins in Billiard Play, Chicago Herald A.M.
Jake Schaefer Beats Art Thurnblad, 50-49, Chicago Daily News
Willie Hoppe Beats Rubin To Take Lead, Chicago Daily News
Hoppe Faces Rubin In 4th Tilt Today, Chicago Tribune

Jake Schaefer Wins To Take Third Position, Daily Herald
Hoppe Wins 4th stright in cue meet, Times

Hoppe's Unbeaten Willie Leads with Five Wins, Herald American
Hoppe in Cue Lead; Chamaco Drops to Third, Daily News
Hoppe holds lead, Chicago Daily Times
Hoppe Paces Cue Tourney With 5 Wins, Herald American
Hoppe Takes Cue Lead; Chamaco Upset by Denton, Chicago Tribune
Thurnblad, Chamaco Win in Cue Play, Times

Hoppe Wins Sixth Nips Layton in Bitter Cue Tilt, Herald American
Hoppe Defeats Layton, 50-32, in Cue Tourney, Chicago Tribune
Bozeman faces Chamaco in Cue Feature Tilt
Bozeman guns for 2nd place in cue tourney, Times
Denton Moves Up in Cue Meet, Herald American
Denton trips Thurnblad, Times
Chamaco Beats Reiselt; Gains Tie For 2D Place, Chicago Tribune
Joe Chamaco Whips Reiselt; Takes 2D Place

Jay Bozeman Takes 2nd; Wins from Chamaco, Chicago Tribune
Bozeman Plays Hoppe Tonight, Herald American
Hoppe Plays Bozeman for cue lead, Daily times
Hoppe, Bozeman, Clash Tonight In Cue Feature, Daily News
Bozeman, Hoppe in Cue Match, Herald American

Rubin in Cue Win Over Reiselt
Reiselt trips Thurnblad in cue tourney, Daily Times
Reiselt Beats Thurnblad in Billiard Tilt, Chicago Daily News
Jake Schaefer Gives Chamaco 50-41 Beating, Chicago Tribune
Hoppe Rolls On; Makes Bozeman Seventh Victim, Chicago Tribune
Willie Hoppe increases his cue meet lead, Daily Times
Hall, Chamaco in Cue Feature, Herald American
Chamaco and Hall to meet in angle feature, Chicago Daily News

Reiselt Keeps Thurnblad in Cellar, 50 to 31
Cochran, Hoppe Cross Cues, Chicago Herald American
Cochran Seeks To Halt Hoppe In Cue Match
Cochran vs. Hoppe, Daily News
Chamaco Has A Run Of 11; Wins Over Hall, 50-33, Chicago Tribune
Rubin trips Denton, Daily Times

Rubin Upsets Cue Champ, Trims Cochran In Tourney 50-32
Hoppe Wins Eighth In Row, Herald American
Hoppe Trounces Cochran, 50-29, To Stay In Lead, Chicago Tribune
Hoppe Still Unbeaten in Cue Tourney, Chicago Daily News
Hoppe Wins Cue Tilt No.8, Herald American
Layton Beats Allen, 50 to 28; Rubin Winner, Chicago Tribune
Denton Climbs in Cue Meet, Herald American

Cochran Gains 50-30 Victory Over Chamaco, Chicago Tribune
Cochran wins 5th cue game, Times
Hoppe Trounces Hall, 50 to 24; Keeps Cue Lead, Chicago Tribune (2 great pics)
Hoppe Scores Ninth Win, Herald American
Hoppe wins No.9 in cue meet, Times

Willie Hoppe making rout of cue tourney, Times
Chamaco Beats Denton, 50-44; Takes 4th Place
Willie Hoppe Unbeaten in Cue Meet Here, Daily News
Joe Chamaco, Reiselt Win Cue Matches, Chicago Tribune
This Goes On and On--Hoppe Wins Another, Chicago Tribune
Reiselt trips Rubin in cue tournament, Daily Times

Denton Equals High Run Mark (17); Then Loses, Chicago Tribune
Denton Equals High Run Mark of 17, but Loses
Denton Defeats Rubin 50-25, Chicago Herald American
Denton Equals High Run Mark (17); Then Loses, Chicago Tribune
Denton Beats Rubin; Has 2 Runs of 7
Denton clips Rubin in cue tournament
Reiselt Beats Rubin, 50-28 in 59 Frames, Chicago Tribune
Chamaco blows chance to beat Willie Hoppe, Daily Times

Billiards (about tournament), Chicago Journal of Com
Reiselt, Layton Beat Schaefer and Bozeman, Chicago Tribune
Hoppe to Face Thurnblad in Cue Feature
Thurnblad Foe of Hoppe in Cue Feature
Hoppe Opens Magic Kit for a Select Few, Chicago Tribune (4 shot diagrams included)
Denton Routs Cochran in Cue Meet, Herald American
Denton defeats Cochran, Times
Hoppe needs 5 more wins for cue title, Times

Hoppe Wins No.12 in Just 25 innings, Chicago Tribune
Willie Hoppe continues his record pace, Times.
Hoppe Seeks 13th Win in Cue Tourney
Hall Next For of Hoppe, Herald American
Chamaco clips Layton in cue meet, Times
Schaefer Runs 13; Wins from Rubin 50 to 24

Hoppe Wins 14th in Row; Near Cue Title
So They Tell Me by Warren Brown, Chicago Herald American (about Hoppe)
Thurnblad in Surprise win Over Layton, Daily News
Art Rubin Tops Bozeman, 50-47, Chicago Herald American
Layton Moves Into 2D Place in Cue Tourney, Daily News
Bozeman Seeks Gain on Hoppe, Herald American

Schaefer Beats Denton, 50-29 in Cue Tourney, Chicago Tribune
Schaefer Wins 9th Cue Match; Gains on Hoppe, Herald American
Schaefer, Hall, win at billiards, Times
Billiards, the Indianapolis (about the 1940 World Champs)
Thurnblad Surprises Layton, St. Louis Dispatch

2 to Go!, Hoppe Shoots for 15th Cue Win, Herald American
Reiselt Next on 'Victim' List of Willie Hoppe, Daily News

Cochran Foe of Hoppe Tonight, Herald American
Cochran Beats Bozeman; Plays Hoppe Tonight, Chicago Tribune
Allen Hall Beats Denton 50-41, Herald American
3 cue aces involved in divorce suits, Time (Jake Schaefer, Chamaco, Thurnblad)
Willie Hoppe Can Win cue Title Tonight, Chicago Daily News
Hoppe Battles Cochran; can clinch title, Times
Billiard Stars Behind 8-Ball in Love Game, Milwaukee Journal

Hall Divides Matches with Denton, Reiselt, Chicago Tribune
Cueist Dodges the 8-ball Jake Schaefer Assigns Winnings; Wife Halts Writ, Chicago Herald American
Marital Woes Catch Up with Third Cue Star, Chicago Tribune
Hoppe Clinches Cue Title Trims Cochran for 16th in Row, Herald American
Rubin defeats Thurnblad in cue tourney, Times
Still A Champ After 34 Years, Daily Times (awesome cover pic)

Thurnblad Wins Over Denton, Herald American

Still a champ after 34 years by Marvin McCarthy, (about Hoppe)

News Summary of the Tribune (Hoppe ends three cushion tournament with 20th win)

3.??- Chamaco meets Thurnblad in cue tourney
3.??- Chamaco seeks 2d cue victory against Layton
3.??- 3 Matches In 3-cushion Cue Tourney Today
3.??- Denton Wins Cue Match, Tiff Topples Schaefer 50-33
3.??- Denton beats Schaefer, 50-33, in cue tourney
3.??- Hunter Denton Bags Schaefer in Cue Match
3.??- Hunter Denton Bags Schaefer In 2 Hour Chase

Free Text-

3.28 In the Wake of the News by Arch Ward- "...Tiff Denton, contestant in the championship three cushion billiard tournament now in progress at Bensinger's, has a son on the Stanford basketball squad..."

4.3 Milwaukee Journal- "Mrs. Gertrude Schaefer Helmholtz...appeared in court in Chicago Tuesday, seeking to collect back alimony which she charges is owed to her by her former husband, J. Frank (Jake) Schaefer, Chicago billiards star. She obtained an order forbidding Schaefer to leave Chicago pending a hearing. Her present husband, Edwin, in an exectuvie for an electric lantern company here.