Billiard Related Post Cards

A great way to support is to purchase postcards! These postcards feature unique billiard related items throughout history. They are 4" x 6" and professionally printed on high quality postcard stock and feature an aqueous coating to resist fingerprints and other marks. Whether you want one for yourself, or larger quantities to sell to your customers, we have a good deal for you. Dealer pricing for 500 or more cards is available so you can not only support this web site, but make a nice profit margin yourself. Proceeds from these postcards are used to maintain this web site, which is free from any outside advertising.
1- $1
5- $5
10- $9
25- $22
50- $40
100- $75
Quantities of 1-10, S&H is $0.45; 25-50= $1.25; 100= $2.20. Cards are shipped via USPS. International charges apply at cost if mailed outside the U.S. Delivery time 7-21 days. Express shipping can be arranged, please email for details.

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